Cultural Association Lia Tortora

The Association is constituted in order to institute in stable form the Piano Competition "Lia Tortora" and to stimulate the young people to study of the piano, the music and to the concert practice, intended not only like opportunity for the development of a profession, but also like instrument of cultural formation and occasion of increase of the person.

The Association is presided by Paola Tortora, pianist, teacher of music and niece of "Signorina Tortora".

From the 2010 the Association is moved to Cittą della Pieve (PG), an Umbrian small town, where the "Signorina Tortora" loved to pass her free time and where the Piano Competition is moved.

In addition to organize the Piano Competition, the Association means to promote initiatives in didactic, concert and record field. In 2008 the Cultural Association "Lia Tortora" has organized a "Piano Exhibition" in which the winners of various editions have been exhibited with success.